GO TO EDIT ARTICLE, CLICK THE SOURCE BUTTON, COPY THE WHOLE PAGE, PASTE INTO NEW ARTICLE (UNDER THE SOURCE SECTION), THEN CLICK THE SOURCE BUTTON, FILL IN BLANKS. Remember to link your fellow crew members and your crew page! You can come back and edit your page any time. The Page name should be your character's name only, if they have a title, I suppose you can include it if necessary but I would prefer JUST names.

You can change the format of this page in anyway, this is just a template. If you've never worked with a wiki before I highly advise you start with this template. You can as detailed as you want or add as little information as you wish. It's all about preference.

Character Name
Anything important
Title: Honorific
Full name: Full name
Also known as AKA
also known as AKA
also known as AKA
Age: At present
Birth Date: Date
Place of Birth: City, Country
Nationality: Nationality
Allegiance: Allegiance
Ship: What you fly on
Rank: What rank you hold
Occupation: What you do

Fill out the infobox as completely as you desire. If you want to leave a field out, just delete the whole row, beginning with |.

Physical Description Edit

(Such as tattoos, hairstyles, height/build, scars, etc)

Hobbies and Personality Edit


Family and Relationships Edit

Family: n/a

Romantic Relationship: n/a

Friends: n/a

Job and Weapons Edit

Job: n/a

Gun preference: n/a

Other Weapon Preference: n/a

Backstory Edit

Unavailable as of yet.

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