Countess Evelyn
Important information
Title: Countess
Full name: Evelyn PÉnÉlope Lourent
Also known as Sorceress Diana
also known as AKA
also known as AKA
Age: 216
Birth Date: September 30, 1800
Place of Birth: Bordeaux, France
Nationality: French Amarican
Allegiance: Allegiance
Ship: n/a
Rank: What rank you hold
Occupation: What you do

If you dear cross Countess Evelyn Penelope Laurent you will either feel the smoth blade at your neck of her knife or the air of her twisted magic. If you are kind to her she will help bend the world to you whim. But becareful what you ask of her for she will give you what you ask but all ways at a price. Be sure you are willing to pay that price.

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