Library profile
Professor D.E. Machina
Title: Professor
Full name: D. E. Machina
Place of Birth: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Allegiance: The Iron Phoenix (rumored)
Occupation: Dilettante

Professor D. E. Machina is an inventor, intellectual and dilettante. Recently, he has become something of a sensation in the Continent's aristocratic circles. Part of this stems from his charm and etiquette. In truth, his mysterious background and connections to sky piracy make him a welcome guest at the courts of Europe. No record of him seems to exist that is more than 3 years old. There is also increasing gossip about where he might be from. This confusion stems from the fact that he never speaks with any accent for more than a few minutes. Adding to his mystery is his connection to the Iron Phoenix. The Professor has revealed many messages from the notorious criminal organization. He states they are delivered anonymously and he immediately turns them over to the authorities as it is, "the duty of any law abiding citizen". He is also known to have made small talk that closely matches Phoenix escapades. He dismisses any coincidences being, "another case of great minds thinking alike". As the only known contact with the Iron Phoenix and its apparent spokesman, Machina is a constant man of interest to law enforcement and military intelligence. However, as a long as he can still present his new friends among the upper crust to vouch for him, little more can be done other than watch, and wait.