Demetrios Anargyros
Full name: Demetrios Anargyros
Also known as (The) Greek
Nationality: Greek
Allegiance: The Imperial Nations
Ship: SMS Halcyon
Occupation: Ship's Navigator

Demetrios Anargyros is the ship's nautilos/rudergänger/navigator aboard the SMS Halcyon. He is renowned for his ability to determine the ship's exact location at any given time: Greece, Not Greece, or Still Not Greece.


Demetrios was once a wine maker. He lived on the "Greek" shore of Greece. There, he noticed that there were grapes growing higher on a mountain than there should have been. Knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that THIS mountain was Mount Olympus, he believed it must have been a blessing from Dionyssus.

He climbed this mountain to sample these grapes and found that they were the best he had ever eaten and would make the best wine he would ever taste. Reluctantly, telling his family of the location, he climbed with them to harvest the grapes. Baskets were filled; he noticed his son eating a grape every now and then. Unfortunately, the blessings were not blessings but a growth as a result of some sky pirates' spilling of grape seeds. These vines were "owned" by the pirates. The sky pirates, who were using the height of the mountain for a cache, told Demetrios that he had seen too much and they were going to take his family and his wine. He tried to bargain with them for his life and wine. These pirates felt nothing; they told him that they were taking the wine, his son and his wife.

Demetrios was shattered by the loss. He was now forced to drink the common wine of Greece, without his young, bottomless-pit-stomached son or his nagging wife. Upon realizing that this situation was possibly not a total loss, he composed himself and vowed to not rest until he aquired the skills needed to avenge the wine, and family, he so loved. He knew that as a Greek, cartography was a skill he HAD to inherently possess. He traveled the world untill he made the connections needed to leave on a pirate hunt.

He is always on the lookout for his wine, good wine, Ouzo, and his old wife and son; or an upgrade wife and son.

Reports indicate that some members of the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron found delicious Greek food in Still Not Greece.