Grigorii Drakon
Title: Commissar
Full name: Grigorii Ivanovich Alik Drakon III
Also known as Greg
also known as Ivan
also known as Boom!
Age: 19
Birth Date: 2/10/91
Place of Birth: Jecinco, Szatara
Nationality: Szataran
Allegiance: Knights Clockwork
Ship: The Cosmic Gecko
Rank: Knight
Occupation: Ballistics/Heavy Artillery

Basics Edit

Chinese Zodiac: Rooster Element: Fire Blood Type: O+
Accent [if applicable]: Russian Orientation: Straight Favourite Colour: Crimson Personality Song: "40:1" by Sabaton

Physical Appearance Edit

Hair Colour: Black Hair Length: Short Eye Colour: Brown Height: 5'10"
Scars: One on Right Cheek Tattoos: none Piercings: none Build: Muscular

Family and Relationships Edit

Family: none

Romantic Relationship: .......

Friends: Evan "Evz" O'Connor, Clyde 'Sunshine' Edwards

Job and Weapons Edit

Job [if applicable]: Musician, Writer, Knight/Ballistics/Heavy Artillery

Gun preference: Shotgun w/ exploding and incendiary rounds

Other Weapon Preference: Clockwork Sabre

Backstory Edit

none yet

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