Doktor Hermann Einstein

Doktor Hermann Einstein
Hysteria Cured in 20 Minutes or Less
Title: Doktor
Full name: Hermann Felix Einstein
Birth Date: 7 Aug 1853
Place of Birth: Breslau, Königreich Preußen
Nationality: German
Allegiance: The Imperial Nations
Ship: SMS Halcyon
Occupation: Ship's Doctor
SMS Zepherus OB/GYN

Doktor Hermann Einstein is the ship's doctor aboard the SMS Halcyon, equally renowned for his aptitude at healing battle-wounds as he is for his gynecological specialty: The treatment of Hysteria. For some time he was barred from the Zepherus because he did not heat his specula.


Doktor Einstein is a rather young man for a doctor, to be sure. He spent his schooling at the top of his class and completed his medical education quite quickly, showing a remarkable aptitude for sewing wounds shut, staunching bleeding, and performing other field-surgeon duties; yet, his interest ran to the unseemly and scandalous region of female health, and so he took his formal training and degree in Gynecology, with a specialization in the identification, classification, treatment, and prevention of female hysteria—a very problematic and wide-spread disorder.

After graduating from Universitätsmedizin Berlin with several thousand Reichsmarks of debt, the newly-minted Doktor Einstein was given a choice by his debtors: Work for the government on his terms, or on theirs. Choosing a life of military service over life in a workhouse, Hermann was assigned to the S.M.S. Halcyon as their Ship's Doctor. Through numerous surgical operations, he quickly became fast friends with his fellow Germanic crewmate, Graf Georg von Ziger. In fact, many of the crew quickly took a liking to Einstein as he began to help the women of the S.M.S. Zepherus. There is often a line of the men outside his office, attempting to overhear the hysteria treatments being administered. While he disapproves of this, it's sort of like fighting the tide—there's just no hope to dispel all the men, all of the time. (At least they're polite when the women walk out.)

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