Iron pheonix 2

Iron Phoenix is dedicated to the overthrow of the Great Powers; it is a revolutionary, criminal enterprise that uses the latest in modern technology to achieve its goals.

The origin of this organization is unclear. Many state that it is a combination of air and sea pirates who have done little more than make a lot of money and have decided to spend it on signs, banners and faux-revolutionary literature. However, after the loss of Britain's secret payroll ship the 'Cardiff', diplomats and generals started to see the Iron Phoenix as a far greater threat. This is now a growing feeling in the halls of various governments as currency from the Cardiff has turned up in over 14 cities around the world. The precision of the attack and speed at which the money has found its way across the globe indicates that the organization is well-disciplined, well-funded, and has worldwide contacts.

The only known contact for the Iron Phoenix is its apparent spokesman, a Professor D. E. Machina, who made his appearance in the courts of Europe around the time of the first confirmed Phoenix attacks. Furthermore, most popular rumors about the Iron Phoenix seem to develop in the cities he is currently visiting.