Lady Keira DeFelyne
Mistress of Aether
Age: 17
Allegiance: Independent
The Aeronautic Mercantile Guild
Ship: IS Hephaestus

Early LifeEdit

Keira was born and raised around the Aether. Her late father, an Aethersmith himself, taught her all he knew before his untimely demise due to an experiment involving the Aetheric properties of the coffee bean. Due to his unfortunate java related death, Keira vowed to learn all she could of its properties and, on the eve of her fifteenth birthday, not five years after his accident, found herself airborn in an explosion that destroyed her lab. Thankfully, an airship of Anthrocats halted her ascent. Regrettably this encounter left her horribly maimed. Using their knowledge of biografts, the catfolk healed her and replaced her wounded flesh with that of a feline, leaving her permanently resembling her saviors. Upon the conclusion of her therapy, she was surrendered to an island devoid of animal life with nothing but a bottle of catnip-wine and a small raft. Unsure of what to make of her situation, Keira boarded the raft and, two days later, washed upon shore in Detroit. Upon arrival in Detroit a man later to become a friend found Keira washed on the shore. The man who will remain unnamed tended to Keira and helped her to recover and provided her with the tools needed to continue her career in aethersmithing. After caring for Keira for a year and a half he sent her off to the World Steam Exposition to possibly find a job. Keira searched around the exposition and did not find a job she cared for. After the exposition she was sitting outside where the exposition was staring at the sky and soon the stars wondering what would become of her when suddently she saw an explosion in the distance. This was a beginning of Keira's true life.


The explosion was that of the IS Hephaestus Mk 1 captained by Captain Theodore Ursus. The explosion left the captain without much of his crew which left many jobs available. Keira then applied and she received the job of Chief Diplomatic Officer for the IS Hephaestus and officer a person trade of Aetherweaving.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

  • First weapon of choice: Sexyness
  • Second weapon of choice: Snogging
  • Third weapon of choice: Explosives

If possible, death should only embrace her if all three of the above are involved.