Basics Edit

Nicknames: Laffy, Bright Eyes Alias: n/a
Age [at present]: Early twenties Birthday: November 29th
Western Zodiac: Saggitarius Chinese Zodiac: Goat
Element: Metal Blood Type: O+
Birthplace: Thebes, Greece Accent [if applicable]: n/a
Nationality: Norwegian and Greek Orientation: Men
Favourite Colour: Teal Personality Song: "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" - Scissor Sisters

Physical Appearance Edit

Hair Colour: Black/Brown (but has been known to change) Hair Length: Usually long, sometimes medium length
Eye Colour: Blue with a gold spikey ring around the pupil. Height: 5'11"
Scars: One from under the left side of her lip down to her chin Tattoos: None visible
Piercings: Ears Build: Average

Family and Relationships Edit

Family: Mother and Father in Greece

Romantic Relationship: None

Crew Members: Maxine Igglesden(Captain), Miss Sadie Cross "Olde Drunky"(Drunkard/Armor Smith-Weapon Smith), Ruby Galooly(Seamstress)

Job and Weapons Edit

Job: Member of a Mercenary group

Gun preference: Deringer attached to a spring platform on her wrist

Other Weapon Preference: Map tubes, small weaponry (daggers, brass knuckles, caltrops, and barbed wire)

Backstory Edit

Doesn't have the seemingly interesting story as everyone else in the crew. Laph's mum was from Norway, though she didn't exactly fit in, in high hopes for a better and more understanding country she boarded an airship twenty six years ago and headed to Greece. She ended up loving the new location for the people and the architecture, she got a job 'modernizing' some of the buildings to be steam friendly and met a handsome greek man who had the bulging muscles of Achilles, without the heel problem, and got married. It took barely a year from the ceremony for the pair to bear a bouncing baby girl.

She grew up in Greece and became fascinated in maps and drafting and ended up spending most of her childhood exploring and mapping out new locations around the country. Her mother and father were always around, no tragic past for this little girl. She was brought up with happiness, trust, loyalty, love and all that sugar-coated stuff.

When she hit her teenage years she began drifting further and further from her home town until she found herself in a different country in general. She still wrote to her family, and visited but by the time she hit seventeen she was traveling on air ships, taking in apprenticeships, and working her way into mapping the world.

While on a final trip with her current professor she came across a peculiar woman who blew the cabin out of an air ship, screamed alot, and invited her onto the ship when Laph supplied her name and her current apprenticeship. Everything since that has been rough sailing, booze, lots of fights, adventures in 'new worlds', and some of the best food she had ever dreamed of.

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