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Major Nom battling.. ahem.. a gentleman in black. (George Lucas, please don't sue us.)

Major Nom
Full name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Allegiance: The Imperial Nations
Ship: S.M.S. Zepherus
Rank: Major
Occupation: Ship's Cook

Culinary Assassin

Major Nom is the ship's cook aboard the S.M.S. Zepherus and is the only woman capable of killing a man with a delicious batch of buttered croissants. Usually her more mortal skills are not needed considering the amount of trigger happy sociopaths aboard her ship, but she's been known to give her skillets and egg beaters to the fight. She is also the only airship cook on record to successfully make a souffle during a dogfight. It had gruyere in it and really hit the spot after the opposing ship was shot down. There was also a lovely green salad served with it.

She's been linked romantically to the S.M.S. Halcyon captain, Marrakesh Thibodeau.

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