Nicknames: Max, Iggy, That crazy woman Alias: n/a
Age [at present]: mid 20s Birthday: October 3rd
Western Zodiac: Libra Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Element: Earth Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Unknown Accent [if applicable]:
Nationality: Claims Swedish Orientation: Humans
Favourite Colour: Green Personality Song: MERRY- "Akai Kutsu"

Physical Appearance Edit

Hair Colour: black, white, red Hair Length: changing constantly
Eye Colour: green right eye, missing/mechanical left Height: 5'5"
Scars: her face. half of it is now missing because she blows things up. alot. Tattoos: some
Piercings: ears Build: slim

Family and Relationships Edit

Family: Dead

Romantic Relationship: she doesn't talk about it

Team: Laph Nethersole, Miss Sadie Cross "Olde Drunky"

her team's "theme" is Mucc's "Rave Circus"

Job and Weapons Edit

Job: Leader of a Mercenary group of assholes. pilfering, plundering, killing, but no rapin'

Gun preference: a steam powered finger mounted mini-gun

Other Weapon Preference: Alchemy/bombs. bombs are awesome. Laph and Sadie almost always get in the way though.. considering she says to run after she throws the bombs.

Backstory Edit

She's banned from what she calls her homeland for doing strange things and being all-around insane. Leading the group of three in their un-named mercenary group wherever they chose to go. they get work from anyone they don't end up killing (on accident).

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