Red Czerwony
Also known as Red
Age: 22
Place of Birth: St John's, Newfoundland
Allegiance: The Imperial Nations
Ship: SMS Zepherus
Occupation: Chief Diplomat
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Photo thanks to Mark Moore

Red Czerwony is the Chief Diplomat on the SMS Zepherus. She hails from (the tropical island of) Newfoundland, in the port town of St. John's. As a child, she supposedly spent some years in Bombay. No one knows her real name and as far as anyone knows, she's never told a soul. She one day hopes that Newfoundland will no longer be governed by Great Britain and will take its independence to join with neighboring Canada, though that day seems far off.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Red is 1.70 m tall, with blonde hair and hazel eyes that can change from dark green to an almost grey depending on her mood or the day. She prefers to wear the color of her namesake, if only to keep people from being very confused if she were to show up in a blue dress.

Family and RelationshipsEdit

What family she had may or may not still be in St. John's, but it's not like she will tell just anyone about the life she left behind. And as far as her romantic life, she'll never tell. She's just a big walking secret. And if someone does happen to know a little something about her past and it's because she has told them, they are very trusted indeed. But those numbers are few and far between.

Job and WeaponsEdit

Lounging Red

Photo thanks to Russ Turner

She serves as the Chief Diplomat aboard the Zepherus, though her methods of diplomacy are quite different than what most people would expect. She detests guns, citing that they make too much noise, too much smoke, and have a very bad smell. She rather prefers her sword and any other sharp pointy object she can get her hands on in battle. However, if there is time for some diplomacy then, well, that's where she really comes in handy.

She was originally a spy in a joint venture with Great Britain and the newly formed Canadian government, though shortly afterwards she would be assigned to the Zepherus along with the other ladies and the rest is history.


In times of peace, she prefers to spend her time off of the Zepherus in either her hometown or in Montreal. She enjoys bubble baths, vodka, baked goods, the occasional hookah, a decent nights sleep, and being in the skies.

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