The Chronos Society was a secret organization created one hundred years ago.  Russ resurrected the Society after is seemingly died for about 20 years. Chloe's parents were in the Society as were her Uncle Russ and Aunt Gloria.


Poster by Christin Haney! (Emblem Copyright Jessica K (aka Spooky Elric))

Its Conception Edit

The original Society was created under the Watchers Council's noses. It was a secret network of inventors, Watchers and paranormal investigators/hunters. The one goal of the Society was to prevent end of everything and protect and help the Slayer when necessary. The never revealed themselves to the Watchers Council for fear of rousing their suspicions of a mutiny. They decided working in secret would be much more beneficial. The Society was created by five men and women. One of these women being Chloe's Great Grandmother, who was a Watcher herself back then. They recruited in secrecy and created an emblem that would only be recognizable to those in the group.

The EmblemEdit

The outer gear has seventeen teeth, representing the group itself at the time which had seventeen members. The clock is set at minutes to the thirteenth hour. The thirteenth hour was a reference to the "Witching Hour" which is the time believed to be the strongest for black magick practice as well as all of the things that go bump in the night. The minutes to refers to the constant threat of an apocalypse always just around the corner as well as the constant thread of danger and/or death. The crossed keys represented secrecy. The more detailed of the two keys was a physical piece of the meeting place puzzle while the second key was the key to the meeting room itself. The crossed keys idea came from pirate jolly rogers. Chloe's Great Grandmother painted the flag that hung in their meeting room until its removal and placement in the Brennan Manor's secret library room many years later.

Members Since Resurrection Edit