Tynan Van Zandt is a mechanic and paranormal hunter specializing in werewolves. Tynan is the older brother to Edana Van Zandt. Currently his whereabouts are unknown, last seen with Locke Valor during a mission. Some of Tynan's works are a time machine named "Francesca" and the blackpowder hammer often seen swung over his shoulder.

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Tynan after work


Nicknames: Ty Alias: n/a
Age [at present]: 28 Birthday: 9/14
Western Zodiac:Libra Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Element: Earth Blood Type: B
Birthplace: unknown Accent [if applicable]:none
Nationality: unknown Orientation: Straight
Favourite Colour: red Personality Song: n/a

Physical Appearance Edit

Hair Colour: Brown Hair Length: bald
Eye Colour: blue Height:6' 4"
Scars: n/a Tattoos: n/a
Piercings: 1 in each ear Build: n/a

Family and Relationships Edit

Family: Edana Van Zandt (sister)

Romantic Relationship: none

Friends:Maxine Igglesden , Locke Valor, Chloe Brennan

Job and Weapons Edit

Job: Mechanic and paranormal hunter

Gun preference: Pistol

Other Weapon Preference: blackpowder hammer

Backstory Edit

Little is known from his past other than as a young child he witnessed his parents ruthlessly murdered infront of him by werewolves. Soon after that Tynan took his sister and fled, never to return. Tynan has been apart of the Acidus Novem and The Chronos Society as well as pulling off a few missions with Locke Valor of The Vagabonds. Tynan prides himself on knowning how to kill anything that comes in his path, the hammer and pistol he carries are proof of that. survivor of numerous zombie/undead invasions, elder god attacks and a few fights with ancient vampires Tynan is considered a vetran with many battles under his belt


  • He has a weakness of being too arrogant for his own good
  • The only thing closest to him is his sister Edana
  • Has an affinity towards whiskey

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